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Meet Stephanie. Meet Jen. Meet Sarah.

A lot of people feel trapped in a body that can't lose weight. We help people dig deep to uncover the real reasons they are stuck and help them create a realistic plan for losing the weight and keeping it off for good.

Are You Struggling with any of these?

Web Images-33_copyYou create a plan but can never seem to stick with it.

Web Images-33_copyNo matter how much you workout or how cleanly you eat, you can't seem to get results.

Web Images-33_copyThe thought of the next 12 months being like the last 12.

Web Images-33_copy Believing you have it in you to make changes but not being able to reach your potential. 

Why the AFL Program Works

Better Questions + Personal Plans + Accountability

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Our Program Secret: The Magic of Coaching

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TRUE Story:
“Christian isn't just a game changer. He's a life changer.” – Linda F.

TRUE Story 


TRUE Story


The Numbers

Studies have shown that having someone call you once a week to keep you accountable to your fitness goals is very effective.

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The Science

Researchers at Stanford University conducted a study in 2007, where two groups of people were given an exercise program (1). 50% of that group received weekly 'accountability' phone calls (where participants were called once per week to check on their progress), and the other 50% did not. The Stanford research showed a 59% increase in weekly exercise for those who received phone calls compared to those who did not.

Virginia Virginia Polytechnic University also conducted a similar study which showed that after 24 weeks, 63% of the participants receiving the weekly phone calls were still exercising, compared to just 4% of those who were not (2). Those who received the weekly phone calls were 1600% more likely to stick to their exercise program than those who did not!

1. Ongoing Physical Activity Advice by Humans Versus Computers: The Community Health Advice by Telephone (CHAT) Trial - Abby C. King, Robert Friedman, Stanford University 
2. Walking to Meet Health Guidelines: The Effect of Prompting Frequency and Prompt Structure -  David N. Lombard, Tamara Neubauer Lombard, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up!

You’ve tried the generic plans.  They don’t work for a reason.  It’s time for a different approach.  It’s time for a program that marries the strategy world of Life Coaching with the tactics of Fitness and Wellness professionals.  It’s time for results that last.  It’s time to become a new person. 

FREE with every AFL Program

Free Weight Loss Academy with our panel of experts:
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Includes four hours of in-depth coaching from people who are experts in change. Learn more about Weight Loss Academy.

Free eBook
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Web Images-33_copyTop 7 reasons why you're stuck

Web Images-33_copy5 common blind spots of change

Web Images-33_copy5 dirty little secrets of health and fitness marketing

Web Images-33_copyDeep self inventory- asking the important questions

Web Images-33_copyDetailed goal setting system

Web Images-33_copyDealing with obstacles

Web Images-33_copyMuch more! 

3 Accelerated Fat Loss Programs

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Will I really lose body fat during this program?

If you stick to the program (meals, workouts, and coaching goals with no deviations) your results are guaranteed. If you don’t get results, simply turn in all your accountability worksheets, filled in as agreed to/prescribed, and photos of each meal, and we’ll give you a full refund. The workouts are carefully tailored; your meal plan is prepared in great detail. The program, planning, and accountability works; it’s up to you to work the program. The balance/ frequency/ time frame has been refined over years and is what we’ve found to give our clients the best, most accelerated results.

What are the Life Coaching sessions all about?

Life Coaching is, we think, the most exciting part of the whole program. It is what separates our program from any other you’ll find. Goal setting and goal achieving follow a very specific process. Both involve a level of introspection and strategy most of us have never learned. The contents of this coaching session could be the difference between changing the entire course of your life, and falling back into old patterns.

I’ve completed the program and want to keep my momentum going, do you recommend participating again?

That’s certainly an option. Many people purchase this program more than once. That said, this is not meant to be a program you’ll need the rest of your life. It’s meant to be an aggressive step toward fat loss. It is a time of sacrificing other aspects of life you could work on in order to do a deep dive on changing your life for good.  Depending on how much weight you have to lose, our hope would be after a few months to a year maximum in this program, you’ve learned healthy a lifestyle is, and while you’ll never graduate from needing to exercise, you could graduate from this level of focused intensity.
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