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Blood draw (all tests) $40
Food Sensitivity Testing $450
Food, Chemical, and Environment Sensitivity Testing $750
Customized Meal Plan (based on test results) $150

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At TRUE Health and Wholeness, our holistic approach to health and fitness helps us find solutions to your health issues. We believe everyone is unique and use food natural remedies to help you regain your health and vitality. Food sensitivity testing helps get to the root of your health issues. A Northern Virginia-based facility, we serve Arlington, the greater Washington DC Metro area Alexandria, Shirlington, Ballston, Fairlington, Crystal City, Park Fairfax, Del Ray, Old Town, Falls Church, and Fairfax.






Food, Chemical & Environmental Sensitivities


"I have seen the [ALCAT] technique work when absolutely no other approach has made the scale budge." - Steven Lamm, M.D.

What Are Food Sensitivities?


Food sensitivities are different from allergies and almost every person has hidden food sensitivities. A sensitivity, like an allergy, is simply an over-reaction of the immune system to a substance that is not normally considered harmful. Yet, unlike allergies, sensitivities are much less dramatic than true allergies (which can be fatal if not treated right away) and the symptoms of a sensitivity reaction do not necessarily manifest themselves immediately, thus making them difficult to uncover.


Sensitivities create systemic inflammation, tie up an unknown portion of our bodies resources, and if they are not identified and dealt with, other destructive cycles can be established. Symptoms of food and chemical sensitivities can manifest themselves in a whole host of different symptoms, including gastro-intestinal upsets, headaches, muscle and joint pains, and the inability to lose weight to name a few.


What Causes Food Sensitivities?


Sensitivities arise over time and for various reasons. Some develop simply because of a lack of variety in the diet and an abundance of the same nutrient(s) over and over. Others can arise because of particular chemicals (pesticides, coloring chemical, food additives, etc) that the body learns to associate with a given food. Still others arise because of genetic predisposition stemming from choices made by the parents before conception, or ancestors that didn't need or develop the right enzymes for digesting the foods we find common today.


How the Testing and Recovery Process Works


Testing for sensitivities involves a simple blood draw, overnight shipping of your sample to ALCAT laboratories in Deerfield Beach, Florida. In about a week to ten days your results come in detailing any sensitivity you have to the tested substances. The process of overcoming your particular sensitivities is relatively simple. ALCAT develops a customized rotation diet that keeps you free of reactive foods (and other substances) for at least six months thus allowing the immune system to "reboot" and often overcome the sensitivity altogether. Follow-up tests can also be done to determine progress in overcoming sensitivities.


"I have seen the ALCAT test work and produce tremendous beneficial results." - David l. Crooks, M.D. Instructor of genetic and immunology at Stanford University School of Medicine
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