Don't Hire a Trainer Unitil...

#4: Find accountability beyond your trainer

Your trainer shouldn't be the only one keeping you to your goals. 

Before you hire a Personal Trainer, give some thought to what types of accountability you can put in place to get the most out of your training.


Well, according to research at Stanford, you’re 1,600% more likely to follow through on an exercise routine if you have accountability!

Our Time-Tested Formula for Change:


There are all sorts of way to be held accountable.  My sister used a large red chalk board she drilled to her wall. She chalked up a calendar grid and for every day she did something physical she gave herself a star.  She couldn't miss seeing this big board in her kitchen, it and she awarded herself with a prize when she hit her target number of workouts.  But accountability can be as simple as a friend you check in with daily, or buying a fit-bit and staying in touch with other fit-bit users on their software.  Simply knowing that you are not alone and that other people are counting on you to be true to your commitment can be THE difference between sticking to it or falling off the wagon.  Today I want to show/tell you about what Marsha has pulled off in less than six weeks.

Marsha just finished up our most recent Yoga Challenge—a six-week commitment to practice yoga three times a week.  People come to the program for all sorts of reasons—rehabilitation, body composition change, increased flexibility, improved concentration, etc.

What makes the program so appealing, besides the interactive nutrition component we pair with it, is the camaraderie. Knowing you’re part of a group that was screened for commitment (we had 224 applicants and only 47 made it through last time!) is an inspiring thing to be a part of.


Marsha came to the group for weight loss.  As you can see above, she’s well on her way!  She lost 14lbs and after the challenge decided to invest in Personal Training because she knows how much better she does when she’s accountable to keep exercise a priority.

Whatever way you find accountability, know the ride of life, and the roller coaster of being an overcomer is so much more doable and rewarding when shared with others. 

What is accountability worth to your future self?

For Marsha, it was priceless.

 "THANKS, this has been the best 6 weeks for me in forever. In so many ways, there are no words."

Who are you aspiring to be? 

What great person is locked up inside you just waiting to come out?

Accountability, (i.e. knowing someone else cares,) is the surest way to find a reserve of motivation that provides fuel for the motor of change.  Personal trainers can help provide that, but they/we are so much better as a part of a bigger Team You!

To that end: Stay tuned for more details about our next accountability group and yoga challenge starting the week of this upcoming Memorial Day!

Until next time…



Don't Hire a Trainer Unitil...

#3: Learn when to rest

It may sound funny, but more often than not, people don’t over train, they under recover.  If you're thinking of hiring a personal trainer today's tip will help you make sure not to do either.

I had a client not too long ago. It didn’t seem to matter how many times I told him to take a rest day, or that I’d mention it’s not great to train the same muscles on back to back days. He had to figure that out the hard way…with a surgery.  

Exercise, hard exercise, was his sport.  It was (and still is) his stress relief.  It’s the one thing he could do to feel young, athletic, and give him a great mood and mental reboot. Exercise is fabulous for those reasons.  

But like any of us, when we find a good thing, it can be easy to overdo it.  It’s usually about age 30 when people start to realize they aren’t invincible, and don’t heal like an 18 year old anymore.  It’s also around that time we have to learn to train smarter, and with longevity in mind.


  1. Don’t do the same type of training, for the same muscles, on back-to-back days.  As you get older you’ll tend to need an extra recovery day.  
  2. Don’t strength train muscles that are still sore.  Yes, you can do some form of exercise, but you’ll age better and recover faster if you learn to let muscles rest until they are not sore.
  3. Joints: If you have a joint that’s not behaving like you want, that could be a rest issue.  My three best pieces of advice for resting a joint back to health are:

  1. Sleep!-  A few nights in a row of good sleep.  Nothing beats it.  Best sleeping position: On your back, pillow under your knees, and one supporting your neck.  You belly sleepers can use a heavy blanket or pillow to give your gut that pressurized feeling.
  2. Real, gelatinous, bone broth-  I drink about 4-5 quarts a week (also phenomenal for boosting the immune system!)
  3. Acupuncture or Chiropractic – It takes a while to learn which pains response better to which discipline, but it’s totally worth the investment
  4. Massage – who doesn’t love a good massage?  If you can find a massage therapist with a therapeutic skill set you’re in good hands.
  5. Supplementing with an omega-3 fatty acid- The nutrition science is strong proving that a diet rich in omega-3's keeps inflammation down.

NOTE: The above are not a free pass to skip exercise altogether, just an admonition help you understand that integrating rest is part of the program.  One great way to do this is to adopt different stimulus into your routine-On your "off" day, try a yoga class, Pilates, outdoor walking/hiking, or a low impact cardio exercise such as cycle.

Here’s to you healing faster and exercising smarter!

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Don't Hire a Trainer Until You...

#2: Prioritize your diet

There’s not much in the world of health and body composition change more frustrating than making a concerted effort with exercise and not seeing the results you want.

The number one culprit when it comes to not getting results with exercise is not fueling your body properly. 

I had a client many years ago…let’s call him Kenny.  He came to me with a lot of weight to lose and believed the big missing piece to his weight loss strategy was adding in exercise three times a week.  For two years, three times a week, Kenny came to me.  Guess how much weight he lost in his first two years? None. 

In fairness to me, I told him we should talk about his diet when he started, but no,  he was sure he just needed to exercise.  He showed up diligently, hardly missed a session and as the months turned to years and his pant size didn't budge, he finally realized it was time to take the next step, “You know I guess we really should talk about my diet.”

And guess what happened when he added a consistent focus on his diet?  The weight starting melting off.  Because of all the exercise he already had an engine that was ready to run efficiently.  He just needed to fuel it properly, by shifting the sources (macronutirents) of his calories in order to create the hormonal response in the body to signal it to turn to stored fat for its energy. 

Be realistic – don’t try to overhaul your whole diet at once.  Too much change at once will crash the system.  Start with improving one aspect of your diet

Which of these five behaviors can you improve:  JUST PICK ONE TO START!

1.      Identify Triggers: These could be social triggers, time-of-day triggers, activity-based triggers, and so on. When do you eat well, but more importantly, when do you tend to eat poorly?  What can you do about either? 

2.      Quantity: Make sure you eat enough food.  Most people trying to lose weight eat too little, or they wait too long after working out. 

3.      Balance: Making sure you have enough carbs, proteins, and fats.  Too little of any one will eventually cause an imbalance and derail you with cravings.

4.      Quality: Making a concerted effort to slowly increase the quality level of your meals will make your body more nourished.  More nourishment equals less calories and less irresistible cravings.

5.      Planning: Constantly reacting to the need to eat is a sure fire way to end up eating the wrong foods or the wrong amount. 

Don’t let your diet sabotage your great effort in the gym.  To get results, you’ll have to make eating well a priority.  To do that, there’s another great principle I’ll tell you about tomorrow. 

Need some help with the dietary end of things?  We do that too, through our monthly accountability groups (next one is kicking off at the end of May) and private nutrition coaching.  Try out those 5 steps and let us know if that helps you identify the next steps to take toward body transformation!
Until next time….



Don't Hire a Trainer Until You...

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