Five Dirty Little Secrets of Health and Fitness Marketing

#1 – Sell the hype

Sell your product or service by promoting dramatic results to people’s biggest emotional pain points. Nothing wrong with that…until they tell you it’s easy and anyone can do it.  Reality is, change is hard.  Telling people it will be easy sets them up for feeling like a failure.

#2 – Get them to try something dramatic

If you can get someone to do something dramatically different from their normal routine, the body will change in some way.  All marketing of health niches is built around this reality. 

  • Want to lose 50 pounds?  Change your diet radically in any number of fad diets and you’ll probably lose some weight.  
  • Want to improve your fitness level; almost any form of exercise will help if it’s new to you. 
  • Want to improve your sex-life?  Take a pill that increases blood flow.

#3 – Ignore the Big Picture

Don’t spend time helping people figure out what got them stuck in the first place, or in building a comprehensive, holistic plan.  That takes too much work.  Instead, focus on a niche, a sliver of health, a kernel of truth.  Then have a few people with dramatic results talk about how great the product was and bam, make more sales.  Don’t worry about long-term relationships.  There will always be more, unhealthy, out-of-shape people to market to.  

#4 – Add a disclaimer

Have you ever seen the little disclaimer “results not typical” on TV or in ads among the health niche businesses—particularly when they market for reducing pain or changing body composition (i.e. Nutrisystems).  “Results not typical” is a way of acknowledging that most people don’t find the kind of dramatic success similar to the testimonies you are seeing promoted. 

#5 – Don’t Mention: “Results Not Sustained”

This is a disclaimer you’ll never see added because they don’t follow these people around and tell you the rest of their story.  Not only do most people not get the results promised, for the reasons I just mentioned, the few who do rarely sustain the results because they didn’t do much to address the factors that got them in their situation in the first place.


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