Why Christian Finally Got on Facebook

New guy here


I fought it for years.


I'm part introvert, part productivity nut, and part stubborn. I've avoided Facebook for…however long it’s been around. (Funny side note: a couple people swore they found “my” profile on Facebook. Huh, I’ve never attempted to set one up…weird). So why did I stay away from Facebook this long?


As I thought about it, I think part of the impetus for staying away was someone challenged me many years ago (before Facebook even existed) to not pay any attention to the news for a little while and see what it would do to my outlook and productivity.


Hmm. I like a good challenge I can’t out argue. Challenge accepted. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! With rare exception, I’ve never looked back…and I’m happy to report I’ve found a much richer life on the “No News Diet.”



Just so you know how up to speed I am when writing this post, I took a quick look into the latest headlines so you know I’m hip, er cool, or tight, or…whatever the trendy word for “cool” is today.


Here is a quick recap of the Top Ten things you may have missed in the news:


Did you know?


  1. The Jews and the Arabs are still fighting…something about a land dispute?
  2. We just had an election here in the US
  3. Apparently the Democrats and Republicans are still arguing
  4. There was a murder across town
  5. A celebrity had an affair…yikes
  6. A celebrity said something stupid…unbelievable
  7. There was a report of greed on Wall Street…who da thunk?
  8. Sports are apparently still a big deal?
  9. The Farmer’s Almanac says it’s supposed to be cold this winter!
  10. The Cowboys are the favorites to win the Super Bowl!


OK, I may have already known about that last one. J You get the point though, right? The news is the same stuff all the time. If something important happens, we can’t help but find out. …Maybe you could do with a little less news…but I digress.


It’s happened more times than I can remember when people come tell me what my wife and kids were up to at the house while I’m at work…which usually prompts a “huh, well isn’t that cool.” The funniest is when people talk to me about things I did that day. After I rattle off a quick “how did you know that?” I remember, oh yeah, Facebook…and half the time I’m left to wonder “whose newsfeed I was in?”



To me Facebook has always just been another source of noise and “news.” Instead of hearing about the latest murder, I could see a picture of someone’s breakfast, or his or her pet…exciting. Instead of hearing the politician’s talk, I could get unfiltered political rants from anyone…sweet! Instead of trying to find my worth helping other people, I could get caught up in seeking validation based on how many “likes” I have.


See, up until now I mostly saw the downside of Facebook: the time-suck vortex (where did that hour go?), the cat videos, the “get _______ quick schemes,” the fake news, the people posing as experts who really have nothing worth saying, the “Dang it…I wish I was on vacation” feelings. Essentially, I saw Facebook as a constant stream of mostly irrelevant information and emotional stirring/distraction I don’t really need.


I remember watching Nina in the first few months of her having a Facebook account and thinking "I wish she's stop wasting her time with that." I was sure it would go the way of MySpace. Ha! Hardly. Instead Facebook ranks behind only Google for the most traffic on the Internet. I don’t think Facebook is going away any time soon.



So what helped me see things differently? Well, I didn’t suddenly take an interest in adding noise to my life. I have no plans to return to following the news. Our business has a few accounts. My wife has an account. Essentially, I can peek into the Facebook world if I need to. So why did I decide to get one?



  • First, our TRUE Accountability groups. I have my own goals, and like everyone else, could use some accountability, and chances are I could probably be a help to others in our group.
  • Second, you guys are the main reason. That little audience I have in my corner of the world who reads what I write, who ask good questions, who want to get better, and who encourage me to keep writing.
  • Third, and the linchpin, was this snippet I got this week from one of my Life Coaching clients named Linda Ferdinandezlopez (epic last name isn’t it!).


Here’s what she said:


Christian was the missing element in my understanding of how to achieve the goals I've struggled with for years and why I kept failing.  He provided clarity and insight in a thoughtful and thought-provoking manner. He has changed the trajectory of what I can, and will, accomplish this year.  Christian isn't just a game changer; he's a life changer!


Wow! Thank you Linda. If me not being on Facebook is preventing other people from having results like that, I need to get over it.



Now, I’ll admit, I’m trying to go into this exercise with eyes-wide-open, but I could probably use some “Facebook best practices” advice from you “old-timers.” For now anyway (and maybe I’ll change my tune again in the future) I really only care about the platform in so much as it relates to you and I becoming better people.  


So, what are your Facebook best practices? What boundaries would you tell me to put in place? What filters can I establish to maximize impact and minimize noise? What buttons do I click? What do I put in my profile and so on?


I may gently (in my own thoughtful question asking way) pick a “fight” here and there, but I long for that to be done in a way that builds people up. I want to give you my best, so please help me know how to do that, and please call me on it if you see where I could do something better. I’m sure I have much to learn.


OK, thanks for reading. Go easy on me at first; I’ll eventually get the hang of this.


See you all online.


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