Three Amazing Stats about How Accountability Helps You Lose Weight

My personal struggle-how I am finally hitting my stride I have been trying for years to create a habit of getting up an hour before my kids to get quiet time in the morning. It sets me up for a more peaceful day, one that offers a sharper sense of focus and a bigger grasp on my expectations. If I miss this opportunity, I wake up to what feels like a grand juggling act where my 4 kids take turns tossing in balls and it is up to me to not let anything drop. When this happens, the entire day feels like I am reacting rather than creating the day by design. Yet, even though I know first hand the benefits of my pre-kid quiet-time I struggle to make this a key habit....all until a friend asked me if we could be accountability partners to this same goal. Read More


Musings on Being Cool

“Hey. Hey. Welcome to 2005!” That was one of the first messages I got after I set up a Facebook page. Yeah, yeah, I had that coming. If you read my last blog post, you probably saw the “news” that I decided to get a personal Facebook account. Read More


Why Christian Finally Got on Facebook

New guy here I fought it for years. I'm part introvert, part productivity nut, and part stubborn. I've avoided Facebook for…however long it’s been around. (Funny side note: a couple people swore they found “my” profile on Facebook. Huh, I’ve never attempted to set one up…weird). So why did I stay away from Facebook this long? Read More


Five Dirty Little Secrets of Health and Fitness Marketing

#1 – Sell the hype #2 – Get them to try something dramatic Read More


Debunking the Calories in, Calories out Myth

Have You Been Treating Your Health Like a Math Equation? Treating your health like a math problem where one set of actions is supposed to produce X results is, in my view, akin to try to create a set of behaviors guaranteed to make someone fall in love with you. This is where so much of the clever marketing works. “It’s simple…it’s formulaic.” In reality, it’s neither. Read More


Frustrated With Your Exercise Efforts? This is Probably Why...

You Overestimate Your Capacity This one is a little personal for me. I probably do this more than anyone I know. That must have been why this was an easy post to write! So what are some of the biggest capacity blind spots I’ve observed over the years? Here are four of them: Read More


One of the Biggest Obstacles to Health You've Never Considered

You Have a Chemical Problem Possibly more than any other factor in health, this is often the biggest blind spot people have when it comes to their health and weight loss being stuck at a plateau. Because toxins represent a constant barrage, and because they are impossible to avoid and they hide in plain sight, getting a handle on reducing your chemical problem could be where you stand to make the biggest gains in your health. Read More


The Top Four Progress-Killing Mindsets

Truth be told there are way more than four sabotaging mindsets people have, but here are the top four I've seen over the years...and what you can do about them. Read More


Why That Form of Exercise You Like May Be Hurting You

The Biggest Blind Spot I See with Exercise: People Who Don’t Mix up Their Workouts Yes, consistency is your superpower when it comes to using fitness as a tool for body transformation and sustained health, but almost equal in importance in exercise is to not get stuck in a rut. More than a few weeks of the same workout will slow significantly in producing adaptation in your body. Read More


Four Tips for Finding a Good Personal Trainer


Finding a good trainer
can take some work.  Here are a few things to consider when searching for the trainer that perfectly suits you and your lifestyle. While being conveniently located, having a body that doubles as a great business card and having specialties that match your goals are important, here are four other essential questions worth answering about the person you would consider hiring:

TIP #1
How much experience do they really have?
What have they personally accomplished in exercise? Nothing compensates for breadth of experience.  You want a trainer who knows what it feels like to be in the shoes they might put you in and who can lead you through the process.  How many hours of experience do they have vs. how many years? In a couple years or less, a full-time trainer can have thousands of hours of experience to draw upon.  In contrast, a trainer with “15 years of experience” may have only been working part-time with the same two people for 15 years.  What is the breadth (age, demographic, goals, etc.) of their clientele? Have they worked with anyone who has similar goals to you, and do they have a frame or reference to help you set new goals as the years and accomplishments accumulate?

TIP #2
Is their passion for what they do obvious?
If not, it probably won’t be after you’ve purchased some sessions, either.  Unfortunately, even the fitness industry is not immune to having “professionals” who are bored with their work.  Any of us can feel stale if we sit on what we know for too long.  Passionate trainers are plugged into networks that keep them motivated, current with the latest research and industry trends, as well as practicing what they preach.  Passionate trainers are always looking to enrich their client’s experience.  The others just count reps and collect a paycheck.  If you hire a trainer, his or her energy (or lack of it) is part of what will fuel (or dampen) your workouts.  Find a trainer whose enthusiasm is contagious.

TIP #3
Do they possess a combination of Confidence and Humility? 
Good trainers are confident, but not cocky.  Interviewing a trainer should give you confidence that they have tools that can change your life, but you should also see a humble side of them that recognizes they don’t know everything.  Confident trainers convey that with well-crafted routines and attention to detail – you cannot help but see results.  Humble trainers recognize that you are not a carbon copy of anyone else and that this journey of helping you be a better version of yourself will be a learning experience for both of you.

TIP #4
Do they understand their role as a part of “Team You”?
Good trainers understand and demonstrate there is more to vitality than just a good workout.  They understand that their work with you is only a portion of what makes you whole and healthy.  Such trainers are typically plugged into a network of other health and wellness professionals who can help you accomplish your health goals and, in turn, benefit more from the wonderful world of exercise.

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