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Health Coach / Chef Patricia is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Natural Food Chef with a degree in culinary arts. She is certified to practice holistic health counseling through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Patricia received her nutrition coaching training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. Combining over 25 years experience in the food and beverage industry with her coaching provides an extensive knowledge base to help clients understand food and nutrition and how it impacts their wellbeing. Patricia also specializes in coaching menopausal women, and people experiencing thyroid and adrenal fatigue.  

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How Bad Can I Feel and Still Function?

I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU: Do you consider yourself healthy? If I had to put money on your answer, I’d wager you answered “yes”.  And why not?  You know someone worse off than you right?  I mean, at least you’re not in as bad of shape as so and so – she is really unhealthy.  You see, despite the fact that we are the most obese nation in the world, where the overwhelming majority of us die from highly preventable diseases, in general, we consider ourselves healthy.  In fact, in an interesting study released in 2009 by the Deloitte group, it was reported that 7 out of 8 Americans consider themselves to be healthy.  Strangely enough, 55% of those same responders reported that they wrestle with at least one or more chronic conditions.  Hmm – I think it might be safe to say we are looking at the concept of health from the wrong end of the telescope. Our collective understanding of what’s healthy is more along the lines of “How bad can I feel and still function?” rather than “How many different aspects of wellness am I currently thriving in?” Perhaps this ironic disconnect between perception and reality starts with how we have defined health in the first place.  If you look up the word “health” in the dictionary, you’ll find a definition like “soundness of body and mind” or “freedom from disease or ailment”.  With simple definitions like that, it’s not difficult to see how we could consider ourselves to be healthy.  Who of us would say that we don’t have “soundness of body and mind”?  If we are free of symptoms or a named disease, we must be healthy, right? Well, my goal here is not to try to convince you that you’re unhealthy.  Nope; it’s much simpler than that – namely, to see if we can’t come up with a better barometer of health than “soundness” or “freedom from symptoms”.  Soundness is too nebulous and subjective, and symptoms are just a sign that something went wrong a long time ago; they are not the beginning of disease.   We can do better than these benchmarks. I would like to present the idea that “health” is about “wholeness”.  It’s about being well in many different ways.  Author Cheryl Townsley, in her book Cleansing Made Simple, offers what I think is a one of the soundest definitions of health you’ll find.  She says health can be described as:
  • Having a good appetite and digestion
  • Having daily comfortable elimination
  • Having healthy eyes, shiny hair and radiant skin
  • Having a flexible body and stable emotions
  • Maintaining good memory and clear thinking
  • Being free from anxiety, worry or depression
  • Being able to enjoy activities, recreation and relaxation
  • Having energy for all required activities and a surplus for recreation
  • Having good communication skills to express your innermost thoughts and feelings
  • Participating in regular and spontaneous outbreaks of humor and laughter
  • Having healthy esteem of self and of others
Now we’re talking!  That’s a definition of health I can get behind.  Can you think of something she missed?  To put a more, perhaps manly slant to the definition, I might add, “having strong muscles and joints that work well”, but other than that, I think she nails it.  Defining health in light of the above would mean that when we talk about the body we consider the whole person – spirit, mind and body.  If we looked at health that way, we might give ourselves more realistic marks in line with the national statistics, and we might also begin to see how other aspects of our lives are tied to our physical health. So, I pose the question again… do you consider yourself healthy?  I don’t know about you, but I’ve got some work to do. - Christian


Super-Foods for Spring Cleaning and Detoxification



Winter is has finally come to an end, and as the sun starts to shine most people feel the urge to lighten their loads. Whether this is in the form of getting rid of stuff around the house, wearing lighter clothes, or losing a few of those holiday pounds, we naturally have an inclination to do some spring cleaning. For our bodies, this comes in the form of cleansing or detoxing.


salad-pic     These two words don't have to be as extreme as they sound. Rather they imply adding in spring foods to help cleanse our digestive system, liver, and cells from toxins or excess fat that was not used during winter months. With spring come some of the best mineral packed, detoxifying foods. Try adding these 5 amazing, super foods into your diet and start to feel light and alive.


Try mixing these  together with a little olive oil and vinegar to make a cleansing, nutrient dense salad:


1. Dandelion: Dandelions are a powerful food for a liver detox diet.  It stimulates the digestive juices, helping with the digestion of fats. It also contains 48 substances that support your body to detox naturally. Spring is the ideal time to benefit from dandelion greens, as they get too bitter later in the summer.


2.Grapefruit:  Grapefruits not only contain high amounts of vitamin C, but they also contain large amounts of potassium, vitamin A, and Fiber. Grapefruit contains pectin which is a soluble fiber that has been shown to slow the buildup of plaque on the inside walls of blood vessels. Ruby red grapefruit juice also contains lycopene which helps the body deal with inflammation.


3. Watercress: Cultivated almost exclusively in spring-fed streams, watercress is considered a superfood because of its high content of antioxidants, vitamin C, and Vitamin A. Historically, watercress was revered for its nutrition and healing properties, more specifically in cleansing the blood, kidneys, and liver.


4. Curly Endive and other baby greens: Endive is rich in

bowl-of-green      Vitamins A and B; iron and potassium. It has detoxifying effects that act as a tonic for the liver and gallbladder, and it aids in digestion. Baby greens contain large amounts of vitamins A and C, as well as calcium, iron and numerous trace minerals. Spring is the ideal time to introduce yourself to the health benefits of leafy greens as young tender leaves haven't developed bitterness.


5. Cucumber: Cucumbers are 95 percent water! The high water content and dietary fiber are very effective in ridding the body of toxins and aiding digestion. Cucumbers also contain a lot of potassium, magnesium and fiber which work effectively for regulating blood pressure. The combination of Vitamin C and caffeic acid in the flesh of a cucumber help reduce inflammation. There are lots of other wonderful spring cleansing foods. Check out the detoxifying ingredients in Nina's green smoothie, and give it a whirl ! Greens and Algae Smoothie Serves 2 large glasses

8 oz coconut water 1 frozen banana 1 cup Kale or Spinach-fresh (packed) 1 cup pineapple 1 cup mango or peaches 2 teaspoons algae or spirullina powder A few ice cubes
Mix in a high speed blender and enjoy!


Acupuncture and Cupping

What is "Cupping" and how does it work? Written by Theresa L. Spradlin M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM) Cupping is one of the oldest methods of treating diseases, and has been promoted by people of many different cultures around the world. Past and present, cupping has been used to mobilize blood flow within the skin and underlying tissues in order to promote healing.  It is called “cupping” because the instruments used resemble small cups or jars that are applied to the skin in such a way that they create a local suction. In ancient times, the cups were made of animal horn or bamboo. Since then, the materials for making the cups and the methods involved have greatly improved...today the cups are made of a wide range of materials including glass, plastic, and silicone. Cupping is commonly used in conjunction with acupuncture to enhance the healing effects of treatment. There are many types and methods of cupping available today. Our acupuncturist uses glass cups that are equipped with one-way valves. As the cups are placed on the skin, a hand-held pump draws the air out of the glass through the valves, creating a mild suction. This technique anchors the cup to the skin and pulls it upward on the inside of the glass. Drawing up the skin in this fashion is believed to open up the pores of the skin and stimulate the flow of blood. It is known to clear obstructions in the flow of energy through the body’s meridians (energy pathways) and creates an avenue for toxins to be drawn out of the body. Our acupuncturist also uses cups made of silicone. The type of cup used depends upon the indication and the part of the body involved. WHAT CONDITIONS DOES CUPPING TREAT? As cupping creates a local suction, some subcutaneous and muscle tissue is also drawn up into the cup. For this reason, cupping can be used to treat a wide array of musculoskeletal issues. Besides being an excellent treatment modality for many types of sports injuries, cupping is also a wonderful remedy for everyday aches and pains as it helps muscles to relax and release tension. It is great for arthritic joint conditions and helps improve range of motion. Cupping can also used to treat a broad range of medical conditions and certain systemic diseases throughout the entire body. WHAT WILL I EXPERIENCE? First and foremost, cupping is not painful! There are some cupping methods in which many cups are applied to the skin and left on for 15 minutes or more. This prolonged suction causes large, deep bruises to form on the skin where the cups are applied.  Our acupuncturist does not use these methods! In our Acupuncture Spa, each glass cup that is applied is then removed almost instantly, bringing about the same therapeutic effects (there is no need to leave the cups on!) Therefore, there is never a visible sign that the cup was ever there. Besides the glass cups, our acupuncturist also uses soft, pliable silicone cups that are flexible and conform to the surface of the skin. With this cupping method, massage oil is used to lubricate the skin so that the cup can be moved freely over the area without breaking the suction. This type of cupping feels just like a deep tissue massage. Our clients love it, especially when preceded by a hot, moist towel! After cupping treatment, drinking a lot of water is highly recommended to help circulate the blood and other fluids through the tissues in the areas affected. Drinking water will also help the kidneys eliminate any toxins that are released from the tissues as a result of the cupping. Cupping is never unpleasant or uncomfortable! In fact, many people experience a sense of restored energy as well as pain reduction following cupping treatment. Check out more offerings on our Acupuncture page and schedule an appointment today! Weekend and evening appointments are always available. Health and Wholeness is a multifaceted fitness and wellness business serving Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia, featuring: Private and Semi-Private Personal Training, Circuit and Mat Pilates classes, Muscle Activation Techniques, Run Coaching, Fitness Boot Camps, Nutrition Consultations and Food Sensitivity Testing, Acupuncture, Massage, Wellness Coaching, Infrared Sauna, Ionic Foot Soaks and more. Come check us out today!


How to Live in your Best Skin this Winter Season

Winter certainly changes the landscape, even down to the landscape of our skin. Cold weather, biting winds, and dry heat from furnaces can leave skin lacking its usual luster. For many of us, winter skin can be more than just red rosy cheeks, but also dryness of the hands, face and feet. Winter skin issues can range from the moderate tight, dry, flaky feeling to more severe symptoms like cracking and splitting of skin or eczema (when the skin actually becomes inflamed). It’s not just the chilly weather that has this drying effect, but also the heaters we have on indoors, regardless of what type of heat you have. Thankfully, Health and Wholeness has started carrying a wonderful line of organic beauty products by Neal's Yard Remedies to help save your skin this season. Try a free sample next time you're in the studio, or place an order on your own! There are also some simple nutrition tips that can combat winter’s attack on skin, so don’t write irritated skin off as just another chilling reality! With the proper nutrition, you can have skin as healthy and soft as a summer breeze, regardless of the weather. Eliminate Allergens: Many reactions to a food allergy or intolerance aren’t only digestive, but can also show up on your skin. If you’re suffering with severe skin conditions or eczema, it may be helpful to eliminate common food allergens like gluten, wheat, dairy, and soy for a while to see if symptoms improve. Water: While it may seem obvious to start with water, proper hydration is the first place to begin breathing some life back into dry skin. Although the general recommendation for water intake is about 32 ounces a day, this amount varies from person to person, especially if you are active. The best way to determine your hydration status is to look at your urine (clear or light yellow means you are getting enough water, dark yellow means you’re lacking). If you find you don’t want cold water when it’s cold out, heat it up and put sliced lemon in it, keep it room temperature, or sip on herbal tea throughout the day. Omega-3’s: An essential fatty acid deficiency is a common cause of dry skin, so be sure to get a daily dose through fatty fish and chia, flax, hemp, or pumpkin seeds. *Note: "When the skin is dry, it means there is a relative imbalance or deficiency of fats, especially compared to the levels of carbohydrates in the diet...patients who suffer from dry skin are thin and have been eating a low-fat diet. They are also often hypoglycemic and crave sugar. Thus they are eating a diet that is high in carbohydrates but deficient in good quality fat. By changing the ratio, so that more calories come from fats than carbohydrates, the body produces more water for the cells. In addition, the body will now have more fatty acids available for our oil-producing glands, which are our natural moisturizers. Good fats include butter, lard, coconut oil, olive oil and small amounts of flax oil." - Excerpt from Weston A. Price Foundation. Read the entire article here! Opt for Some Orange, Yellow, and Green: Stock up on veggies like carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, kale, and spinach for their rich vitamin A content. Vitamin A is a potent antioxidant that helps protect skin from free radicals in addition to playing a role in the synthesis of new skin cells. And don’t forget to cook those veggies up with some organic coconut oil to help you absorb that Vitamin A! Broccoli to Bananas: A deficiency in vitamin B6 can show through dry skin and cracked corners of the mouth, as B6 is needed to keep skin healthy. This bold B vitamin can be found in foods like avocado, banana, broccoli, bok choy, sweet potato, and grapes. Nuts for Niacin: Nuts provide a good source of niacin- especially pine nuts, macadamia, and almonds. A niacin deficiency can contribute to eczema, or itchy, dry, red skin. Niacin can also be found in crimini and shiitake mushrooms as well as asparagus. Citrus: Once again, citrus fruits provide a serious source of skin-assisting vitamin C, which is found in skin cells and also provides skin-protecting antioxidants. Add a few of these foods to your daily diet: Lemons, oranges, kiwi, papaya, broccoli, and bell peppers. Health and Wholeness is a multifaceted fitness and wellness business serving Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia, featuring: Private and Semi-Private Personal Training, Circuit and Mat Pilates classes, Muscle Activation Techniques, Fitness Boot Camps, Nutrition Consultations and Food Sensitivity Testing, Acupuncture, Massage, Wellness Coaching, Infrared Sauna, Ionic Foot Soaks and more.


Going the Extra "Yard" with Neal's Yard Remedies

What do Frankincense and Orange have in common? These lovely and invigorating scents are all part of the NEW body care line we're offering at Health and Wholeness. The UK's first Certified Organic health and beauty company -- Neal's Yard Remedies (NYR) -- is now on our studios' shelves! In our constant effort to offer you the best of the best, we're introducing NYR, a London-based company who pioneered the way for bio-dynamic practices in cosmetics 30 years ago. All NYR products are beyond organic, with standards that go beyond "just ingredients" and focus on how they are grown to maximize the products efficacy and the environmental impact. Plus, let's be real...they smell GREAT, too! (If that's what you consider the most important factor!) It's time to toss out those toxic lotions and scrubs you've accumulated in your closet and do something good for your skin! There's nothing fake in NYR formulas...just pure essentials that do wonderful things for your body, mind and mood. Don't wait to indulge your senses with our luxurious samples: try the hand cream, deodorant, powder and body salve next time you're in the studio! Rejuvenating Frankincense
  • The blend of firming, toning and deeply nourishing natural ingredients is a favorite among all who try it!
  • Pearls of Frankincense are sourced in a sustainable way from trees that grow wild - far from agricultural land and contamination by pesticides and polluting chemical fertilizers.
  • Enhanced with elasticity-boosting plant extracts to visibly firm the skin and fight signs of aging the natural way!
Nourishing Orange Flower
  • Great for dry skin, this leaves skin feeling re-hydrated, soft and supple.
  • A replenishing and elasticity-boosting blend of organic orange flower and nourishing plant extracts.
  • While not overpowering, the fragrance leaves a fresh, pretty scent while smoothing and moisturizing very dry skin.
Want more? Check out the  NYR catalog and "shop" for some great products (that are good for you and the environment!) And when you schedule a facial acupuncture appointment with our amazing acupuncturist, you'll get a first-hand experience with Neal's Yard Remedies. So go ahead...rub, scrub, later and savor... your skin and senses will thank you! Health and Wholeness is a multifaceted fitness and wellness business serving Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia, featuring: Private and Semi-Private Personal Training, Circuit and Mat Pilates classes, Muscle Activation Techniques, Fitness Boot Camps, Nutrition Consultations and Food Sensitivity Testing, Acupuncture, Massage, Wellness Coaching, Infrared Sauna, Ionic Foot Soaks and more.

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