Free Tuesday Morning Run Club!



  • What: A FREE weekly running group
  1. Are you looking for that extra nudge to get you out of bed early and get some exercise in before the sun comes up?
  2. Are you interested in meeting people with similar fitness interests?
  3. Are you interested in receiving tips from an experienced and certified running coach
  4. Are you an avid runner . . . Or, are you looking to try out running for the first time?

Whatever your motivation, this group is for you!

Runners, wanna-be runners, used-to-be runners, and run-walkers

of all abilities are welcome!

  • When & Where: The runs will depart from Studio C on Tuesday mornings at 6am* sharp (rain or shine). We will take varied routes through the local neighborhoods and trails.
  • Cost: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! (Additionally, keep in mind that you don’t have to shower or do your hair before joining the group…so what’s your excuse?!?!)

Still have questions? Want to register? Contact Susan at 401-529-0625 or coachsooz@gmail.com




Meet Patty!





Patricia Repko

Health Coach / Chef Patricia is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Natural Food Chef with a degree in culinary arts. She is certified to practice holistic health counseling through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Patricia received her nutrition coaching training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. Combining over 25 years experience in the food and beverage industry with her coaching provides an extensive knowledge base to help clients understand food and nutrition and how it impacts their wellbeing. Patricia also specializes in coaching menopausal women, and people experiencing thyroid and adrenal fatigue.  

Patricia Repko









New! "On Your Own" Program Design



We often get asked, 'What should I do for my workouts when I'm not here?  What if I don't have much equipment to work, or have to travel often? That's where our new "On Your Own" program design comes in! This program gets you:

  • A personalized 3 month (or 24 workouts) program that you can you do on your own, no trainer or special equipment needed
  • 2 "in person" sessions: 1 at the beginning to see where you are starting from and 1 half way through to make any tweaks necessary
  • Unlimited access to trainer via email
  • Training, nutrition, and injury prevention tips and more sent directly to you throughout the course of your training program

This applies to personal training, run coaching and pilates. You can even have a mix of all this in your program design! This is a no-brainer if you are someone who struggles to make it to the gym, travel frequently, feel bored with your workout, want to meet a specific goal or just do not have the funds for a full time trainer. We are here to help! Give us a call (571.421.2774) or send us an email (here) to get started!




Motivation: When You're Ready Come and Get It



We have all been there. The alarm goes off and the snooze button finds your finger, or you are scrambling to find a matching pair of gym socks and you think to yourself “I don’t really want to work out right now…”


Maybe you have been over training, your body is aching, sore and the thought of flexing your quads to stand, much less do a weighted squat, sounds miserable. Or perhaps the opposite is true. You haven’t caught your stride, and so when you DO work out, you are sore for days and hate the idea of doing it all over again.  So here you are, forcing yourself to do something you know is good for you, and you are not really having any fun…

  1. Change it up!  Take a look at your routine and evaluate what it may be lacking.  If you have been strength training for a long time, try to integrate some high intensity interval training. If you have been doing a lot of yoga or Pilates, it may be good to hit the weights for a few rounds of heavy lifting.  Haven’t taken a spin class in a while? Maybe you hire a trainer for just a few sessions and learn some new fun ways to work your muscle groups that you have never thought of! Even just 3 sessions with a trainer can teach you some great new techniques that may be just the spice your routine needs.
  2. Find a work out buddy.  Doing anything with a friend is more fun.  Ask your co-workers who head out the door with their gym bags to join you! No one in the office wants to play? But what if your boyfriend/girlfriend works late or your best friend just had a kid and can’t leave the house? Try joining a group on www.meetup.com. They have meet up groups for a wide variety of fitness related adventures. Or ask your trainer or coach if they have any recommendations for your workout buddy. Chances are, they know someone who has similar fitness goals as you, similar time frames for a work out, and would even be happy to offer buddy-session training at a discounted rate!
  3. Get outside.   Maybe going from the fluorescent lights of your office to the covered steel box of your warehouse gym isn’t what your summer-thirsty skin wants right now.  Go for a walk run, hit up a local park for sprint training, or find a local outdoor work out gym https://www.arlingtonva.us/portals/topics/FitArlingtonGetOutdoors.aspx or grab a kettle bell, a jump rope and try Nina’s park work out! (check out Nina at the park) Breath the fresh air and let the sounds and feel of summer soak into your skin and get more than just an endorphin boost from increasing your heart rate, but also vitamin D, a vitamin your body needs to absorb and store in large amounts to last the upcoming winter.
  4. Don’t workout.  De-stress instead.  Yes you heard me right. Sometimes answering your body’s cry for a break is the right thing to do. If you are surviving a stressful job in a stressful season on a pot of coffee, chances are your parasympathetic nervous system (the one that keeps your body revved up) is in high gear and could use a little down time. This doesn’t mean you just go home and catch up Hulu reruns. Be intentional with your recovery plan and treat your body to a wellness-related service such as massage, or a detoxifying foot bath. Does your body feel tight and stiff? Try Swe-Thai, an hour of stretching-based massage. (link to massage page of website) Acupuncture can be a great way to give your immune system a boost, or target any sore area of the body that needs healing.  Integrate sessions in our Infrared Sauna, which uses infrared light to penetrate your tissue, increase your circulation, loosen up myofascial tissue and invoke a fantastic sweat response for detoxification! (Attach link to our website on the sauna page here)  Finding a beautiful balance between working your body hard and allowing it to recover properly is what a healthy fitness routine is all about.
  5. Get competitive.  Are there any feats of athleticism you have always wanted to achieve? Find something measurable that requires you to push past your limits!  This is something we foster in our studio because we KNOW competition can be super motivating.  Check out our record board! It is FULL of fun, interesting fitness challenges designed to push our clients toward friendly competition and a tangible goal to work toward. We’ve got 2 of our current and former record holders, Helene and Stefanie, to talk about their motivation! Check them out here.





How Bad Can I Feel and Still Function?

I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU: Do you consider yourself healthy? If I had to put money on your answer, I’d wager you answered “yes”.  And why not?  You know someone worse off than you right?  I mean, at least you’re not in as bad of shape as so and so – she is really unhealthy.  You see, despite the fact that we are the most obese nation in the world, where the overwhelming majority of us die from highly preventable diseases, in general, we consider ourselves healthy.  In fact, in an interesting study released in 2009 by the Deloitte group, it was reported that 7 out of 8 Americans consider themselves to be healthy.  Strangely enough, 55% of those same responders reported that they wrestle with at least one or more chronic conditions.  Hmm – I think it might be safe to say we are looking at the concept of health from the wrong end of the telescope. Our collective understanding of what’s healthy is more along the lines of “How bad can I feel and still function?” rather than “How many different aspects of wellness am I currently thriving in?” Perhaps this ironic disconnect between perception and reality starts with how we have defined health in the first place.  If you look up the word “health” in the dictionary, you’ll find a definition like “soundness of body and mind” or “freedom from disease or ailment”.  With simple definitions like that, it’s not difficult to see how we could consider ourselves to be healthy.  Who of us would say that we don’t have “soundness of body and mind”?  If we are free of symptoms or a named disease, we must be healthy, right? Well, my goal here is not to try to convince you that you’re unhealthy.  Nope; it’s much simpler than that – namely, to see if we can’t come up with a better barometer of health than “soundness” or “freedom from symptoms”.  Soundness is too nebulous and subjective, and symptoms are just a sign that something went wrong a long time ago; they are not the beginning of disease.   We can do better than these benchmarks. I would like to present the idea that “health” is about “wholeness”.  It’s about being well in many different ways.  Author Cheryl Townsley, in her book Cleansing Made Simple, offers what I think is a one of the soundest definitions of health you’ll find.  She says health can be described as:
  • Having a good appetite and digestion
  • Having daily comfortable elimination
  • Having healthy eyes, shiny hair and radiant skin
  • Having a flexible body and stable emotions
  • Maintaining good memory and clear thinking
  • Being free from anxiety, worry or depression
  • Being able to enjoy activities, recreation and relaxation
  • Having energy for all required activities and a surplus for recreation
  • Having good communication skills to express your innermost thoughts and feelings
  • Participating in regular and spontaneous outbreaks of humor and laughter
  • Having healthy esteem of self and of others
Now we’re talking!  That’s a definition of health I can get behind.  Can you think of something she missed?  To put a more, perhaps manly slant to the definition, I might add, “having strong muscles and joints that work well”, but other than that, I think she nails it.  Defining health in light of the above would mean that when we talk about the body we consider the whole person – spirit, mind and body.  If we looked at health that way, we might give ourselves more realistic marks in line with the national statistics, and we might also begin to see how other aspects of our lives are tied to our physical health. So, I pose the question again… do you consider yourself healthy?  I don’t know about you, but I’ve got some work to do. - Christian


5 Ways to Avoid Vacation Weight Gain



Ok, Confession. I gained about 4lbs during our Hawaiian cruise vacation last month. It felt wrong to allow you to assume otherwise, but in my defense, I am smack in the middle of the second trimester with baby #3, and this type of behavior is standard protocol. But with every excuse pregnancy offers regarding weight gain and the commonly believed perception that pregnant women shouldn’t exercise, I refused to be robbed of my responsibility of taking the best care of my body, vacation or not. I knew I didn’t want to come back home feeling like a back-slidden-adolscent facing my clients, or worse yet, experience the pains of a lethargic cardiovascular system, gasping for oxygen during a workout! So I did my best while I was away this last month, and when I got home, jumping right back into my workout routine and normal eating habits felt amazing. Going on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t make healthy choices or not have any fun if you do. I would like to share some of my tips with you!


1. Prepare to be active. When booking your vacation plan your activities in advance. Going to a resort? Google the nearest trails and hikes. Going on a cruise? Book the most rigorous excursions. Staying in a hotel? Make sure they have a great fitness center. Here is the deal, no one deserves to relax on vacation as much as you do, but you will feel so much better if you give yourself at least 60 minutes a day of exercise! Your body is designed to move, and the time you spend relaxing in the sunshine will feel extra rewarding when followed by intentional activity. There is no better time, to make time, than the time you have, when you have time. Did you follow that? Read it again, I promise it makes sense.




2. Cheat BIGTIME…once daily. But only once. If you know that every evening of your vacation will be spent at a fancy restaurant with bread, wine, large portions and decadent desserts then I recommend eating moderately through out the day. Eat a lighter breakfast, snack on plant foods, eat plants for lunch then sit back and enjoy your indulgent dinner. Eat it slowly, savor every last bit. Get dessert. You are on vacation baby.


3. Hydrate! Vacationing in hot spots when the temperatures are much warmer then at home, it is easy to forget that your body requires much more water than you are use to drinking. The effects of dehydration include fatigue, muscle weakness, poor concentration, headaches, dizziness or lightheadedness, constipation (see below) and a decreased metabolism (say it ain’t so!). None of these symptoms add any appeal to your much-awaited getaway. A great way to monitor your hydration is to keep an eye on your urine. If it is bright yellow then bottoms up and get a refill to go while you’re at it.


4. Bring digestive supplements. Even if you are not use to taking them, they can save you from some serious vacation woes. Here is the deal. A sudden change in diet can cause the system to get a little backed up. Excess rancid vegetable oils, sugar, alcohol and deep fried foods can cause the delicate digestive flora in your gut some serious disturbance. Taking along a simple pro-biotic supplement and a digestive enzyme can do wonders for keeping your bowels moving and your vacation grooving.


5. Pack healthy snacks, or make it a point to load up on them wherever you are traveling. This way even the most desperate of hunger pangs won’t find you with limited options, forcing you to binge at the nearest fish and chips dive or convenience store. Nut based protein bars, trail mixes, and an apple smuggled out of the hotel breakfast bar in the morning are some of my favorite choices. Last of all; don’t spend a single second worrying about what the scale says. You have much more enjoyable ways to occupy your time and mental energy. Get out there and have an adventure, breathe deeply, soak in beauty, and savor moments with your loved ones because that is the TRUE nourishment vacations are all about.












Glory's Corner - Program Like An Athlete



Life is busy. I really don’t think I need to harp on that topic. It’s just fact. And this is the number one excuse I get for why my clients didn’t do their homework or are not seeing results. You may see your trainer 1-2 hours in a week. That is 166 hours left that are up to you.


To be successful in a hectic and demanding world, there must be consistency and efficiency. This means sticking with a program. Take it from a busy athlete! It’s been assumed that I spend hours every day on my workouts and in the kitchen prepping healthy food. Well, that’s funny because I’m pretty sure I have a 40 hour or more work week, get plenty of sleep, and have a few hours left for my social life as well. Summer is right around the corner and it’s time to get your butt in shape. I’ve laid out some tips for coming up with a successful formula for planning your workouts and healthy eating habits.  You don’t have to be an athlete to train like one. You just need the proper program!


Tip# 1 Time Block! Use a calendar that you view often. Have a copy on your smart phone and a copy on your fridge. You wouldn’t skip an important appointment would ya? Make sure those workouts your meal prep time is blocked off just as your important meetings and appointments are. Allot enough time to warm up, cool down, and get in your pre and post workout snacks.  Also use your calendar to block off rest.


Tip #2 Make it enjoyable! This component is super necessary to reach your fitness goals. Find exercises and activities that are fun or make you feel great when you are done with your session. I find in general, most people I meet outside the fitness industry hate exercise. In fact I’ve been called a freak for how much I love it. You don’t have to be a freak to stick with a plan, you just have to do what makes you feel good. If you aren’t sure what you like, try new things! Maybe attend a yoga class or a spin class and you just might fall in love!


Tip #3 Commit yourself! Decide how much time in a week you will make health and fitness a priority. Maybe you will weight train 2 days and week plus have 2 group fitness classes you enjoy. That is 4 days of workouts to plug into your calendar. If you are one of those odd ball workout-a-holics like myself, commit to a rest day as well! For meal prepping I find it best to pick 2 days during the week because most of my foods are fresh and I don’t like them sitting in the fridge more than 3-4 days. If you only have time for 1 meal pep day, plan items that you can portion and freeze. As a side note-Ask your trainer if you need help formulating a workout split that will target your goals and allow proper muscle recovery. I always recommend 2-3 weight training days weekly for beginners and each workout should target different muscle groups from both lower and upper body and all would include some core focus.


Tip #4 Keep a journal or workout log. Not only is it helpful to see your progression as the weeks go on, but it is super motivating to read! I suggest picking specific goals for this such as pounds lost, weights used, heart rate changes, sleep changes, distance ran, etc. Maybe 2-3 indicators that your fitness is improving. When you make an entry, be sure to write down how you felt before and after workouts, as well as where your energy levels are.


Tip #5 Keep a food diary. This coincides with


Tip #6. Diet is 70% of the battle in most cases when it comes to weight loss or gains.  I use My Fitness Pal for my own logging, as well as my Diet Coaching clients.  Eating around your workouts is important and food can surely effect your energy levels. You may not be well versed in nutrition, but you can present this to your trainer and get feedback on where to make changes. It will help you become more in tune with your body and what food types and portions work or don’t work for you.






*Keep in mind this program is specific to me. Make your workout frequency match your current fitness level. Glory Billman, RN, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, WNBF Figure Pro, Diet Coach    




Stop Working Out Like a Wimp: Try HIIT!

By now you’ve probably have heard the term “High Intensity Interval Training” (HIIT).  It has taken the training industry by storm because of its bold clams of giving its participants double the results in half the time.  When compared to slow state cardio, (working out at 70% of maximal exertion, or breathing hard while still being able to talk) or even traditional weight training (moving from set to set with 3-5 minute rests), these claims are true based on anecdotal reports and numerous published studies.  HIIT will bring you to the brink of exhaustion in short intervals (20-30 seconds), incorporate an active rest (30 seconds - 1 min) and require that you repeat this for about 20-30 minutes.  So far so good? The results most people are looking for in their current training routine can be summarized by three words: Changing body composition.  Reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass is all about hormones.  In order to understand how HIIT can be so effective, it is important to look at the hormones responsible for burning body fat and building muscle mass, which is primarily human growth hormone.  This hormone surges through our body during our deepest sleep (to repair damaged muscle) and our maximal physical exertion (to help metabolize body fat into a usable energy source). Think about that: Our deepest sleep and maximal physical exertion.  If your results are stalling, ask yourself these two questions: ‘When is the last time I got to bed by 10pm and slept a full 8 hours straight?’ And ‘when is the last time I worked out so hard I felt like puking?’ (okay, so I am being dramatic, but you get the idea!) If you don’t have an answer to those two questions, it may be time to rearrange your evening routine and try out some HIIT! Here are some tips on how to make HIIT happen for you! 1. Mix it into what you are already doing. Love going for a run?  How about you hike up that treadmill to a 10 hill and 2-4  speeds higher than your normal flat running pace.  Hit it hard for 30 seconds at a time, allowing yourself recovery of 30 seconds and repeat this for 20 minutes.  Love weight training? How about adding burpee intervals between deadlifts, jumping lunges between squats or jumping a heavy rope between biceps and triceps?  There are endless combinations, but I think you get the point.  Be sure to get enough recovery between intervals so that you can give it your 100%. 2.  Start slow and build up. If you are new to HIIT, begin by doing a rest to work ratio of 4 to 1.  As you progress in your program, begin cutting down your rest periods, so that eventually you spend the same amount of time resting as you do working.  Then, when you feel ready for it, a Tabata routine of 20 seconds of work and only 10 seconds of rest for a total circuit time of 4 minutes will be something great to work toward.  Anyone at any fitness level can do HIIT training, just be sure that you are applying this technique with exercises that are safe for you. 3. Use a clock. We know it’s exhausting. It is suppose to be.  Having a clock keeps you honest and keeps you from quitting before you should.  Also, timing your work and rest intervals is a great way for you to monitor your progress.  One week you may be on the treadmill and need a full 2 minutes between uphill sprints before you feel ready to start again, and as you get into better cardiovascular shape, you may find that your rest intervals can be shorter.  Keeping track of your progress can be a great inspiration for you to push past any personal limits.  Get a Gym-boss interval timer or use a Tabata timer app on your smart phone as a great way to keep you honest and keep you driving hard until the beeper says stop. 3.  Combine muscle groups Target compound exercises (using more than one muscle group) instead of isolated muscle groups.  For example, try a dumbbell loaded bodyweight squat and rise with a bicep curl and then finish it off with a shoulder press in one fluid movement. Make it heavy.  Make it hard.  Make sure your form is right.  Get out of breath.  Quit when you can’t do one more. Rest. Repeat. 4. Sprinting (where it all started!) An honest sprint is the ultimate challenge reserved for a truly fit person. (It is true, HIIT got started with track athletes and was quickly recognized for its fat burning benefits. Don’t believe me, check out a power sprinters body!)  This advanced exercise is hands down the best way to work your abdominals.  Always warm up, starting out with high knees, walking lunges, and bounding drills, for at least 5 minutes to get nice and warm in order to perform all-out sprints and minimize your risk of pulling something.  Incorporate sprints in to your weekly routine and you will be amazed how effective it can be! 6.  Try our prowler!  Check out the pics.  Enough said :) 5 .  Join Boot Camp! One great program that utilizes these training methods is Boot Camp!  Designed with timed drills, the entire hour is filled with “surge and recover” type exercise!  The stimulus always changes and the competition of working along side a friend in a group setting always pushes people to do more than they think they can.  Check out our website for details!


Sonja’s Top Five Workout Tips for a Functionally Efficient Body

1. Build a Foundation: First and Foremost, you must develop or improve your core foundation. Building your internal core muscles is key to creating a functionally efficient, strong, lean, powerful body. This comes from proper breathing technique. Next time you do a normal crunch or sit-up, look at your stomach. Does it puff out when you curl up, or pull in? If it’s puffing out, you may still feel your abs working, but you are only straightening your rectus abdomanis, an outer  core muscle. What’s essential is strengthening your internal core muscles, including the transverse abdominis which sits directly under the rectus. To achieve this, inhale through your nose allowing your rib cage to expand. As you exhale shoot the air out of your mouth simultaneously contracting your bellybutton back to your sign. If you don’t feel this, it’s most likely because your internal core muscles are week. Keep concentrating on this breath, contracting the belly button back to the spine. Try holding the contracting for 3-5 counts, and then curl up as you hold the contraction. The more you practice, your breathing patterns will subconsciously change and you will find yourself engaging your abs when sitting in a chair, walking, doing other exercises, or balancing. It will drastically improve your posture, exercise technique, and the look of your mid section. 2. Strengthen your Tree Trunk: Many people think that the core means the abs. The core actually includes many of the muscles that make up your entire torso. Think of your core as your body, minus your arms, legs and head. When you have a strong, connected core, your physically capabilities grow exponentially. When your core muscles work together, it doesn’t take as much effort to do a pushup, squat, lunge or jump. On top of working on your breathing technique, do front plank lifts, side plank lifts, bridges, and cobra holds. Cobras (where you lie on your stomach and lift your chest and legs off the floor) are good for strengthening the back side of the body, work on retracting your shoulders away from your ears. This helps to strengthen your lat muscles, and take pressure and tension off your shoulders. 3. Improve Flexibility: In order for your body to be functionally efficient, it’s very important to stretch in order to counter balance contraction, lengthen muscles, lubricate joints, and prevent injury. The main areas to stretch are calves, hamstrings, hip flexors, lat muscles, and chest. Make sure to hold each stretch for at least 20 seconds so that muscles can relax and tissue can repair. 4. Find your Balance: Balance is key to creating a mind muscle connection, that will allow you find your core connection, stability, and overall functional ability. Try standing on your right leg and slowly extending your left leg out in front of you 5 times without touching the ground. If you can do this, raise it out to the side, and then back behind you. As you balance, focus on pulling your belly button back to your spine, and engaging your core muscles. If this is easy, practice T stands, and one leg squats. 5. Create Stability Endurance Circuits: After completing your core and balance exercises, create a circuit that will improve your stability, functional efficiency and raise your heart rate. Pick 6 to 8 different exercises and complete them back to back with no more than 30 sec rest between each exercise. Each exercise should be 15-20 reps, and  a slow tempo.


The Best of Boot Camp!

I know you've seen our Boot Camp fliers...I know you've seen our Facebook posts...but maybe it’s time that you hear from someone other than us how much you will LOVE our Boot Camp classes! “I went from feeling like a worn-down mom to shopping in the Juniors' department--thanks to Nina--no "mom jeans" for me! With work and a toddler, I don't get much "me time" - Boot Camp has become my escape from stress, runny noses...Nina motivates me to push myself farther than I ever thought I could go, and after just 4 weeks I went down a pants size. Health and Wholeness takes the traditional boot camp we fear (harsh motivation, military style motivation) and adds the sparkle. Never have I felt so pushed to do better, feel better AND look better! The positive energy I get from boot camp feeds me all day long!” – Melissa D. (photo left)   “Health & Wholeness Boot Camps are actually fun for a lot of reasons, but here are my Top 3:
  1. Nina has a lot of interesting "toys" that she will figure out how to use in unique ways to challenge you.
  2. The boot camp group really forms a bond and it's fun to come together a few times a week and know that you are doing this together.
  3. Nina is a refreshing mix of tough yet encouraging, making it enjoyable to push yourself to your limits.
I'm not a morning person, but for these reasons I look forward to the early boot camp sessions!” – Jen C. “I call myself a lot of things, but an athlete is not one of them. Never has been - I mean, I've never done a pull-up in my life. However, almost two years ago, I took a leap of faith and tried boot camp with Nina and Health and Wholeness. Countless sessions later, I have lost close to 20 pounds, lowered my cholesterol by more than 60 points without medication, ran countless 5K's and 10K's, regularly lift weights with confidence during my own workouts, and - dare I say it - even catch myself thinking like an athlete! I started at a lower fitness level than many in the class and found the workouts to be challenging but doable. Now, the workouts are just as challenging because Nina designs them for everyone, no matter how long they've been training or what their starting weight is. I continue to enjoy the sessions, continue to get up at 5:20 am, and continue to see progress. I no longer do "girl pushups", and may even see a pull-up in the future! I needed someone to hold me accountable, and Nina's my person!” – Ginger N. (See Ginger's "Before" picture below, left, and her "After" picture, below, right.)                   “I am a fitness professional, so my personal training schedule does not often offer me opportunity to try a new trainer or workout.  I was lucky enough to be able to attend Nina's "Last Chance Boot Camp" on New Year's Eve 2012.  The 60-minute circuit workout was TOUGH.  Each station presented it's own set of challenges - cardio, strength, endurance.  Nina allowed us just enough recovery time between each set to recharge to tackle the next challenge.  She set up each exercise clearly, and gave options and modifications throughout (because she was closely monitoring each of us, and paying attention to when we needed a little help, and when we needed to be pushed harder).  Nina's approach was just the right balance between driving us when she felt we had more to give, and encouraging us when she could see we were almost tapped out. I was very impressed with how well she manipulated a group in a fairly small space, and enjoyed every minute of being pushed to my limits. I would HIGHLY recommend Nina's Boot Camps to anyone, at any fitness level! She truly has the tools to help you reach your goals.” – Kate F. “Nina is an inspiring, energetic, and motivational instructor who continues to help me improve my personal fitness. Her classes are the perfect combination of fun and challenging. They are so enjoyable that you want to come back every time, but challenging enough that the next morning you are almost too sore to get out of bed. Nina also does an excellent job of motivating you with a kind, but firm approach to help you strain to meet your personal fitness goals. During each class, it feels like you reach new heights that you hadn’t previously thought possible. Her classes are the highlight of my week, and she has given me many great pointers to help me improve my weaknesses. I also appreciate how Nina takes a personal interest in each of her students and helps them to get the most out of exercise. Some people love exercise and others hate it, which is why I appreciate that Nina’s classes are equally effective for die-hard exercise fanatics as well as newcomers. I have been doing exercise classes for almost 10 years, and I haven’t encountered a better teacher or motivator than Nina.” – Joey K. “What's good about Monday? How about a super-charged workout with the Nina-monster!? Thrilled to have found an energetic and motivating instructor who challenges me to get stronger every class and keeps me coming back for more "strong" each week. #TheBest!” – Colleen M.
We look forward to having you join us for one (but hopefully many!) Boot Camp classes!
Come see for yourself what the buzz is all about...we can't wait to work you out!
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