News From Around the Block - December 2011

A lot has been happening around here lately.  We’ve had our best year yet and we are looking forward to an even better 2012.  Here are some of the newest highlights: Tough Mudder - This past October we had a 15 person team all successfully complete one of the toughest "races" on the planet.  Wintergreen Ski Resort was the location of our roughly 10 mile hike through the hills, mud, freezing cold water, flames, electric shock and more.  It was an amazing event and a great sense of accomplishment.  We are looking to put together another team for the upcoming Saturday Tough Mudder in Washington DC next May.  If you're interested in joining us just let us know!  You can pre-register here http://toughmudder.com/events/dc2012/ Check out the video on their homepage to get a little taste of what you missed! http://toughmudder.com/ New Rewards Program - Just launched last month was our new Customer Loyalty Program. From simply showing up for appointments to posting about us on Facebook, making referrals and more there are many ways to earn points toward Health and Wholeness discounts.  Check out the “Track Your Rewards Points” button on our homepage for details. Holiday Special – This month for every $100 you spend you get a $15 gift certificate to give to a friend.  There is no limit on the number of certificates you can receive.  You can give them all to one person or pass them out to friends.  Certificates are redeemable for any of our services. Goodbye Ty - Tyson Dewees has moved back to Korea to be near his wife's family and pursue his dream of owning his own business.  We wish him the best and will miss him around the block.  Thanks for all you taught us Ty! New Toys – Coming this month we will feature a few new training toys like the ViPR, and Indian Clubs.  These new “toys” will enable us to work your muscles to build strength, coordination, and fluidity of movement in a way that we have not been able to before.  We can't wait to train you all with these!  And yes, they will be making an appearance at Boot Camp! Boot Camp – The new Boot Camp schedule for 2012 is now online.  Hu-rah!  You can find out all the details about these camps on our website and get registered online!  Come get yourself a great, unique workout to start the day, play with equipment you won’t find anywhere else, and feel a sense of fitness that is priceless.  You’ll never know what to expect when you show up…just that you’ll work hard, have fun, and if you want, get some social time.  Space is limited so sign up early! Cosmetic Acupuncture – After much time refining her skills our wonderful acupuncturist is now ready to offer one of the best acupuncture niches around—cosmetic acupuncture, also know as "facial rejuvenation acupuncture."  We are proud to be one of the few places you can find in here in Arlington, VA to offer this service.  Each treatment will be a full body treatment and focus on facial health and rejuvenation that will leave you glowing and looking your best.  This service can be great for anyone dealing with skin issues on their face or just someone wanting to slow aging and have a more youthful appearance.   Forget Botox and it’s side effects; come get your youthful glow back naturally!  Details coming on our website soon! New Pilates Instructor – We are proud to bring the lovely Alisia Essig to our team.  Starting next month she will be available to take appointments for one-on-one (apparatus), 2-3 Person Circuit Pilates classes (apparatus), and group classes (mat).   We are excited to bring her skills to our team and can’t wait for you to meet her.  Times for the Pilates circuit classes to be announced soon. New Semi-Private Pilates Class – Interested in some professional Pilates instruction at a reduced rate?  Starting next month we will be offering 2-3 person circuit Pilates classes using the fancy Pilates machines.  Class will be $40/person for a one-hour session (as opposed to $85 for one-on-one).  It’s a chance to get more personalized instruction and try Pilates in a way you can never experience on a mat!  Check back soon for more details. New Pilates Mat Class – Want to start your day with a workout designed to make you strong from the inside out, improve your posture, flexibility, and strengthen you from head to toe?  Come try a Pilates workout to get your body ready for the day.  Starting next month we will be offering early morning Pilates mat classes here in the basketball court.  Classes will be Tuesday and Thursday from 6-7am and will be $20/class.  Space is limited so sign up soon!  Details to be posted on our website in the coming week. New Book For Sale – Folk, This Ain’t Normal is Joel Salatin’s newest book and it is a pleasure to read.  Come pick up a copy of his witty, insightful look at how we grow our food.  Joel was featured in the popular documentary “Food Inc.” and the book The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan.  You won’t be disappointed.  


News From Around the Block - October 2011

It's been a great 2011.  Here's some of what we've been up to the past few months! Renovated Studio If you used to train in Studio A you won’t recognize the place when you walk in now!  We’ve transformed it from Personal Training to a Massage and Acupuncture studio and we scored 3 outstanding new team members to work with us!  We are so pumped about this new facet of wellness we can now offer that we have created some great specials to christen the new studio.  Check them out on our newsletter and our Facebook page. NEW SERVICE – Acupuncture It’s been around for over 3,000 years and now it’s made its way onto our list of wellness services.  The fascinating wellness discipline may be just the missing link you are looking for with your health.  It was for me (Christian) and after finding out how well it worked I couldn’t wait to bring it to our business.  Now it’s finally here!  We are pleased to have the extensive experience of Theresa Spradlin on our team.  She’s hand picked by us to help with whatever ails you.  You can check out her impressive resume here on our website. NEW SERVICE – Massage Who couldn’t benefit from a great massage?  We now offer various types of 60, 90 and 120 minute massages and we are fortunate to have TWO massage therapists who not only have an exception give of touch, but are also passionate about it because they saw it transform their own broken down bodies.  They (Annemarie Deale and Dave Shutler) are also Certified Personal Trainers who understand more than just massage when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.  Of course Nina and I had to “take one for the team” and try them out first to make sure they are good. J  By the way, they are awesome, and we can’t wait to share them with you. Fall Boot Camp It’s been our best year ever with Boot Camp and we are looking forward to our last camp of the year.  It runs from October 17th – November 11th. We’ll meet every M, W, F morning at 6:00a.m.  This is likely to be a multi-location camp with all sorts of fun new drills, equipment you won’t seem anywhere else, and maybe Christian will even make another appearance for sprints day.  If you’re interested in joining, contact Nina at 571.242.4775. Tough Mudder The event is almost sold out but if you want to join us either as a spectator or as a participant on our team we’d love to have you.  We are running this fun, (and dirty) obstacle course through the mountains of the Wintergreen Ski Resort in Charlottesville VA this coming October 23rd.  It should be one of the best fitness accomplishments we could brag about.  Come cheer us on, or get dirty with us.  If you want more information just send Christian an email or call and he’ll be happy to chat with you about it.  christian@healthandwholeness.info or 571.217.6712 New Videos Look for some new videos to be released in the next few days about who we are and our new services. New Personal Trainer – Aric Lee Since our last newsletter we had another great trainer join our team as well, Aric Lee.  He’s a full-time fire fighter/paramedic, experienced trainer, and all around great guy.  He’s versed in the martial arts, loves making fitness into fun time, can train you for just about anything, and recently showed off his "stud-ness by running the 9/11 Memorial 5K in 70-80lbs fireman gear.   Welcome Aric!  We’re glad to have you. Sumi Moves On Our beloved Sumi Singh is moving to Texas at the end of the month.  You will be missed lady!  Sad to see you go! Dave Flexes Him Muscles We’ll technically he contracts his muscles and flexes his joints, but our own Dave Shutler will be competing in yet another fitness competition next month.  Be sure wish him luck, and not to hit him in the abs anytime soon…you just might hurt your hand.


News From Around the Block - June 2011

New Trainer We are proud to introduce Dave Shutler to our team. Dave has been involved in the fitness industry now for approximately 5 years, experiencing his own transformation in 2008 going from 255 pounds at 16% bodyfat to 205 at 5% bodyfat. Dave knows what it takes to transform not only your body but your mind as well. He worked for the United States Secret Service for 3+ years, going through some of the most intense of training while training for their SWAT team. He has been a Certified Personal Trainer with ISSA for 3 years and also became a licensed massage therapist through the National Massage Therapy Institute in Falls Church, VA in 2010. Dave has landed several fitness magazine spreads in the past few years and is extremely passionate about coaching and helping people to reach their highest potential through positive reinforcement and work ethic. Dave combines a extensive knowledge of nutrition and training with a humble, confident and "down to earth" attitude.  Come get an appointment with him before his schedule fill up. New Service - Acupuncture As part of continuing to grow into our name and bring a holistic approach to health and fitness, we will soon be adding Acupuncture to our list of services!  Having personally experienced the benefits of this powerful healing modality we are excited to be able to offer this service right here on the block.   Studio A is currently being transformed and we aim to have it ready for action next month.   Stay tuned for more details. Pilates in the Park Continues A new five-week series start this Saturday June 25th.  Come enjoy a great workout outdoors and experience Pilates for only $20/class.  You can register for it right on our website.  Just click on “Purchase a Service”.  Hope to see you there! Health and Wholeness Boot Camp The next summer Boot Camp session starts bright and early this Independence Day.  Come be challenged by 12 unique workouts with toys you won’t find at any other camp in the area.  Don’t miss out on sprints day either.  Anyone that can beat Christian in a foot race gets a free Personal Training Session!  We expect this camp to fill up so reserve your spot soon.  You can also sign up for this class on our website, just click “Register for Boot Camp”! New Natural Health Products We are proud to introduce new natural health products from Dr. Mercola, one of the most reputable and holistic websites/doctors in the natural health arena.  Come try out his excellent Whey Protein, Krill Oil, Whey Chocolate Bars, Toothpaste, Mouthwash and more.  You can also visit mercola.com to find out what make his products so special. Tough Mudder – Team Health and Wholeness If you’re looking for an event to train for this may be it.  Come play us in the mud for a 10-mile jaunt through the Wintergreen Ski Resort this October (23rd).  Be challenged with some of the most fun and toughest obstacles you can imagine.  Work with the rest of your teammates to accomplish something very few ever will, and make a memory that will last a lifetime.  Send us a message if you’d like more details.

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