• Is a self-starter, dependable, humble and always striving to become something more
  • Is excited about the opportunity to conquer new challenges with an established business
  • Embraces educational experiences and loves to broaden their skills and perspective on wellness
  • Is passionate about Fitness/Food/Wellness/Education, preferably as a career
  • Can bring a new niche to our business (preferred, but not essential)
  • Understands Health and Fitness from a holistic perspective
  • Understands the balance of being fun and friendly, while still exuding reliability and professionalism
  • Resonates with and fits the You/We statements to the right
  • Non-smoker


  • Potential for career growth in both existing and yet to be created roles roles with our current and future facilities
  • Multiple disciplines in one location from which to round out your personal wellness approach
  • Employee discounts (or free access) to all of our innovative services and resources, including educational seminars, fitness services, wellness treatments, retail, kids program and cooking classes.
  • Collaboration with other fitness and wellness professionals that will enable you to think outside of the box and expand your personal niche
  • Servant-leader style management fully engaged in supporting you
  • Potential to work with us to develop multiple steams of income
  • Potential for performance bonuses and participation in profit sharing
  • Potential for partnership for HIGHLY qualified individuals

Positions Available

Personal Trainer (Part-Time)
Trainers who love learning, love working as part of a team, love having an amazing facility to train in, and who match the You/We statements to the right, please apply today!  Preference is given to trainers with an established client base looking for a place to train those clients and earn a greater income.

Email to apply

Naturopath (PP)*
We are seeking a highly qualified, part-time or full-time Naturopathic Physician, who works well with practitioners of various disciplines. Applicants who are also inspired by the Wellness Director position are encouraged to apply for either position. Preference will be given to local practitioner(s) with established customer base.

Email to Apply

We are looking for a motivated and experienced nutritionist who enjoys working in a team environment, who can work 1-1 with clients, create content, and teach workshops. Preference given to applicants from the Nutrition Therapy Association.

Email to Apply

Kids Program Coordinator
If you have a background in children’s movement, we want to hear from you. We are looking to create a whole new world-class kids fitness experience where parents and kids don’t have to swap who works out when. Get in on the ground floor of this new model that will transform how people think about family health and wellness! We are seeking visionaries to design the children’s program as well as enthusiastic team members who will carry it out.

Email to Apply

Childcare Workers
We are looking for childcare workers who love kids.  This position is not about watching kids watch TV, or keeping kids from hurting themselves or each other. We are looking for people who want to help them experience meaningful childcare where kids accumulate new experiences, get structured play, and return to their parents in a better mood than when they arrived.

Email to Apply

Hospitality (Front Desk) Staff
We are seeking upbeat and super friendly hospitality staff that can be the first impression of our business.  Such individuals will be responsible to welcome new customers and genuinely celebrate every return visit of.  Job duties will include answering phones, scheduling, taking payments, basic customer service questions, and ensuring basic day-to-day operational needs of the facility are met.  Ideally this person could fulfill a similar role working at the desk in the Wellness Department.  By being around so many different aspects of health and wellness, this entry-level position can be a springboard to growth in a myriad of different career tracks.  

Email to Apply

Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist
This individual would have the visibility of space set aside on the fitness floor (or in an office if necessary) to practice MAT. Applicant must enjoy working as part of a team, be a regular contributor to our in-house fitness discussions, display a high level of humility, and be fully aligned with the company mission. Preference is given to specialists with an established customer base and/or those with an additional skill set to compliment MAT.

Email to Apply

Massage Therapist 
We are seeking experience massage therapists who are inspired by the idea of working in a holistic fitness and wellness business. Therapists must be skilled at working with musculo-skeletal issues, and be excited to interact with the rest of Team TRUE to help better serve the customer.

Email to Apply

*For anyone interested in a
potential business partnership, we’re flattered. We LOVE the opportunity to collect great people, surround them with other great people, incorporate them into our mission, and reach for BIG goals.

For those interested in this option, you should know this is not an easy place to get hired.  We’re only looking for “A” level players.  By “A” level we mean the following:

·      People whose resume displays evidence of great competency and exceptional past performance, not just the potential for great future performance

·      People who don’t feel the need to be the smartest person in the room, but are inspired by and can relate to other world-class performers

·      People who have demonstrated they know how much hard work it takes to be successful and are willing to put in the (team)work it takes to stretch for a compelling vision over time

·      People who fit the You/We statements above

If the rest of this page describes you, and you think one of our job postings was made for you.  We want to hear from you…today!  We’ve got a world to change and we need you on this wild ride with us!  Contact our CEO at Christian@true-hw.com


If this sounds like you, we'd love to meet you!

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