Custom Health Portfolios

Memberships made by you, for you.

Web Images-33_copyYou set the budget. 
Only pay for what you need.

Web Images-33_copyYour unused spending rolls over.
Try getting that from your typical gym!

Web Images-33_copyLowest prices on all services.
We reward you for your loyalty.

Web Images-33_copyTRUE Cash Back bonus for consistent spending.
It pays to take care of yourself.

Web Images-33_copyA personal advisor and more.
Think guidance counselor for your health, plus other cool surprises.

Web Images-33_copyThink of it as a personal Health Savings Account.

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Fitness Services

  Per Session Rates
   1 10 HP
Personal Training, Pilates      
     30 min $65 $60 $55
     45 min $90 $85 $80
     60 min $100 $95 $85
     Buddy Sessions $120 $120 $120
Tier 1 Classes $10   $10
Tier 2 Classes  $22   $18
Tier 3 Classes $45   $35

TRUE Lifestyle

   1 10 HP
Life Coaching $150 $135 $125
Workshops $25   $0
Accountability Group $50   $0
Strategy Session, 30 min $75   $0

Nutrition Services

   1 10 HP
Nutrition Coaching, Initial Visit* $225 -   $200
      Follow ups $150  $135 $125
TRUE Meal Plans $25    

Wellness Services

   1 10 HP
Chiropractic, Initial Visit* $175 - $165
     Follow ups $75 $65 $65
Dry Needling, Initial Visit* $125   $115
     Follow ups $65   $55
Chiropractic & Dry Needling* $200   $190
     Follow ups  $110    $100
Acupuncture, Initial Visit* $150 - $135
     Follow ups $120 $115 $110
     Cupping, 30 min $80 $75 $70
Naturopathy, Initial Visit* $225   $200
     Follow ups $150   $125
Infrared Sauna $60 $50 $0
Foot Soak $60 $50 $25
   1  HP
Tier 1 (standard massages)    
     30 min $75 $65
     60 min $120 $110
     90 min $160 $150 

Tier 2 (speciality massages)
     60 min $130  $120
     90 min $175  $165

* Initial visit required

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Note: To receive the discounted portfolio pricing, a 12 month contract is required. To cancel any contract requires a 30 day notice.

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What is a Health Portfolio?
Health Portfolios are our version of a membership. By spending money only on what you use, a Health Portfolio is a strategic way to maximize your health dollars. It is a guided, targeted, monthly investment in your health and in your future. With the help of a TRUE Health Advisor, together we figure out the most cost effective way to use our services and work to create a master plan for your health. Think of a Health Portfolio as a financial portfolio for your health.  It's like having your own Health Savings Account dedicated to whatever health needs you have. 

What if I just want to workout?
You can! Anyone with a Custom Health Portfolio is welcome to use the facility during open gym hours from 11am-5pm M-F.

How do Custom Health Portfolios work?
Based on your goals and your initial strategy session with your TRUE Advisor (often done after trying out an intro special offer), you choose a set amount to spend on your health each month. Every month, your investment dollars are allocated to whatever service(s) best meets your needs. Custom Health Portfolio clients have access to our lowest prices for all variable cost services, without having to buy large packages to receive those prices. Health Portfolios are set up as 12-month commitments and automatically renew for the same term unless otherwise directed by the customer.

How much does it cost?
Custom Health Portfolios have no set amount. It's your budget, so it costs however much per month you want to commit to for the length of your plan.

Can my family join for a discounted price?
Yes! Clients on Custom Health Portfolios can share their memberships and benefits with family members. HP members who spend $200 or more per month can take advantage of free childcare during childcare hours too. 

I'm not sure I want to commit to a year yet. Can I just try the services?
Of course! We have the some great "starter packages" for you. This package is designed to give you sampler to our well-rounded approach to health and fitness at a low, noncommittal price.  Available for one-use only.

Why set up a Health Portfolio over using services A la Carte?

Because Health Portfolio spending pays you back! Besides the benefit of having a TRUE Health Advisor, getting our lowest prices, and avoiding monthly expense fluctuations, Health Portfolio customers earn 5% TRUE Cash Back after 12 months of consistent spending (try getting that from your savings account, IRA, or Health Savings Account!).  Taking care of your health has its own financial rewards too. 

Can I cancel or pause my monthly payments?
We're not in this to make life difficult for you, just healthier.  In instances of unforeseen changes (like a sports injury, relocation, or the like) we're more than happy to cancel or pause your payments at any time with 30 days notice.  However, our TRUE Cash Back bonus is only triggered with 12 months of consistent spending. Pausing of payments will result in forfeiting the TRUE Cash Back bonus.

What if I don’t use all the money in a given month?
Any unused spending is rolled over and is usable any time during the term of the commitment.

Can a friend or family member use the funds on my account?
Absolutely!  However, we may only be able to offer our occasional surprises to the primary account holder.

What if I use all my investment money before the month is over?

You are, of course, welcome to purchase additional services at our single session or package pricing, or you can wait for the following month.  You can also increase your monthly spending amount. 

If I want to add more services, can I increase my monthly investment?
Absolutely! You can increase your monthly amount for the rest of your plan without increasing the length of your plan.


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