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Health 101 Workshops

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Fit For Life Workshops:
- Age Well with a Holistic Approach to Fitness
- Exploring the Limitless Ways You Can Exercise and Choosing Wisely
- Injury Prevention: Form and Proper Technique
- Injury Recovery: Getting Back At It

Web Images-82TRUE Nutrition Workshops: 
- Healthy Kitchen Makeover
- Grocery Store Tour
- How to Lose Weight While Not Depleting the Body - or feeling deprived!

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Healing And Prevention Workshops:
- Self Care for Your Muscles and Fascia
- So Many Healing Modalities, Which Ones and Why
- Energy and Sleep, the Two Biggest Factors in Your Health
- Detoxifying Your Life

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Lifestyle Transformation Workshops:
- Secrets of Success - What Achiever Do that You Don't
- What Are: Your Core Values and Definition of Success
- Goal Selection: Clarify What You Can Accomplish and Count the Cost
- Goal Planning and Achieving - THE Process that Works

Other Workshops

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Elimination Diet Q&A for nursing mothers:

- Eliminating potential allergens
- Overcoming the boredom of a restrictive diet
- Replacing forbidden foods with nourishing substitutes
- Seeking support from friends and family

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