Welcome to the TRUE Nation

We are for you:

  • A place of meaningful connection and empowerment
  • A place where excuses and obstacles are traded for inspiration and overcoming
  • A one-stop shop for all your health and fitness needs

We Believe:

Good health is the difference between the life we long for, or settling for something less.
We gather to work, sweat, learn and laugh.
Potential is our inspiration.
Consistency is our superpower.
We'll always be a work in progress.
To our health, and to each other, we are TRUE.

Our Mission:

We exist to be a guide to help people optimize their health so they can optimize their life

Our Formula: 
Better Questions + Personal Plans + Accountability = Real and Lasting Change

Our Concept:

Health is not about one thing. It's complex, but it doesn't have to be complicated.
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TRUE Nation Core Values:

1. Uncompromising Integrity is Paramount

Our name, "TRUE," represents our commitment to operating with uncompromising integrity and providing only honest, accurate, and factual information. What we communicate and how we act, means everything. We are not perfect. However, we strive to say and do the right things, in the right ways, at the right time, for the right reasons. When mistakes occur, and they will, we accept responsibility and ownership. These actions lead to open and honest relationships built on trust, compassion, and loyalty.

2. Changing Lives and Transforming Our Society is Possible

The best way to criticize broken or enslaving systems is, not to complain but, to create something better. As facilitators of change, we impart knowledge and foster an environment of stewardship. We offer a holistic and sustainable model for enhancing the quality of people's lives through the holistic and integrated use of fitness, food, wellness, and education. Our paradigm-shifting mission has the grassroots power to transform the way our nation approaches health.

3. Each Person's Body Possesses a Powerful and Innate Healing Capability

Regardless of age, our bodies desire and are capable of being well, having ample energy, maintaining ideal weight, and preventing and reversing illness. By helping people understand the role that nutrition, hydration, stress management, sleep, exercise, purpose, and joy contribute to their wellbeing, they are empowered to take control over their health.

4. We Don't Know Everything

Arrogance has no place in our business. Despite our strong views, we must remain humble, open to constructive criticism, and be respectful of differing views. While striving for greater insight and wisdom, we must subject all information to healthy skepticism. Scientific research is and will continue to be exceptionally valuable. However, no study is flawlessly designed and the interpretation of data will always be subjective and incapable of accounting for every variable.

5. Only Applied Knowledge Is Power

Beyond knowing, we must act. Compelling knowledge, coupled with appropriately directed passion are powerful motivators of real change. There is no substitute for personal responsibility and self-discipline. However, we all apply knowledge more effectively when interacting with others who inspire us to become enhanced versions of ourselves.

6. The Right People Are Our Greatest Asset

We consciously and continuously build our family, not just a team. We hire and invest in people whose character matches our culture and are passionate about our mission. We value, encourage, and support each other by respecting each others' time, opinions, and dreams and by choosing to believe the best about each other.

We exemplify servant-leadership. With a strong emphasis on ethical behavior, accountability and mission accomplishment, our leaders listen and communicate effectively, guide and supervise with empathy, empower personal initiative, and encourage everyone's involvement in idea generation and decision making. Our leaders celebrate individual contributions and team success while willingly accepting responsibility for all shortfalls.

7. Exceptional Hospitality Must Be Ferociously Guarded

Our hospitality is what sets us apart. We start with our promise of enhanced health and wellness but, we strive for far greater impact. Our facilities provide a friendly community environment that fosters connections, inspiration and a sense of belonging. Each member of our team is empowered to create positive experiences customers anticipate daily and provide heroic service customers recall for a lifetime. Through active listening, genuine acceptance, respectful guidance, and timely encouragement, we establish personal relationships built on trust. We endeavor to help satisfy each person’s innate longing for a connection to something larger than themselves.

8. Fun is Fundamental

Laughter, the exhilaration of accomplishing a goal, the discovery of new experiences and the anticipation of pleasure, are the many ways we fulfill our intrinsic need for fun. We foster friendly competition throughout the organization, create play-based programs and provide intellectual stimulation. We embrace the notion that work, or working out, feels less like work when it is fun.

9. Continuous Innovation is Imperative

We expect and embrace constant change. By continuously sharing insightful information, applying technological advances, and refining complex processes, we improve the quality of our products, enhance the effectiveness of our services, and increase the efficiency and wisdom of our people. With infinite room for enhancement, we embody a sense of urgency to identify and implement improvements. Our goal is not to be a great wellness company, but to be the greatest wellness company.
1058 S. Walter Reed Drive, Arlington, VA 22204

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