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Next Program

Jan. 23, 2017 at 8pm  

- 1/23 at 8pm: Goal Setting Workshop & Accountability Kick Off

- 1/21 at 12pm: Fitness Check-In (optional)

-  Life-Coaching Workshop

-  Finale and Yoga Class

Cost: $25. Challenge winner takes home the entire pot! 


Program Details

Web Images-33_copyOffered several times a year 

Web Images-33_copyPrivate Facebook Group for support and motivation 

Web Images-33_copyKick off with fitness check-in (optional) and free breakfast 

Web Images-33_copyTwo, interactive, one-hour lifestyle- coaching workshops 

Web Images-33_copyGuidance to choose keystone habits to begin creating real change

Web Images-33_copyIn depth support from your coaches and fellow members 

Web Images-33_copySpace for your goals on our PDA (Public Display of Accountability) wall 

Web Images-33_copyFinale to celebrate goals reached, lessons learned, and plan new goals 


What's required of me?


- Daily Facebook check-in with your accountability coach

- Attend the kick-off

- Attend two workshops

- Declare your goal on our PDA wall

- Attend finale

Why Accountability Works 

We knew there had to be a better way.  Creating better habit starts with asking better questions—the kind of questions a life coach asks—and developing step-by-step goals that progress and adapt. However, we believe plans are only as good as our ability to follow through so we add regular accountability as the catalyst for real and lasting change.

The Numbers

Studies have shown that having someone call you once a week to keep you accountable to your fitness goals is very effective.

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The Science 

13626631_10154194195360049_1136509679466166020_n-2_copy Researchers at Stanford University conducted a study in 2007, where two groups of people were given an exercise program (1). 50% of that group received weekly 'accountability' phone calls (where participants were called once per week to check on their progress), and the other 50% did not. The Stanford research showed a 59% increase in weekly exercise for those who received phone calls compared to those who did not.

Virginia Virginia Polytechnic University also conducted a similar study which showed that after 24 weeks, 63% of the participants receiving the weekly phone calls were still exercising, compared to just 4% of those who were not (2). Those who received the weekly phone calls were 1600% more likely to stick to their exercise program than those who did not!

1. Ongoing Physical Activity Advice by Humans Versus Computers: The Community Health Advice by Telephone (CHAT) Trial - Abby C. King, Robert Friedman, Stanford University 
2. Walking to Meet Health Guidelines: The Effect of Prompting Frequency and Prompt Structure -  David N. Lombard, Tamara Neubauer Lombard, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
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