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What Makes Us Different

A lot of people feel held back by or even ashamed of their bodies. We help them create a holistic, integrated, and sustainable plan with immediate, short-term and long term goals so they can be capable, empowered and confident to live up to their potential. 
How do we do it? We coach the whole human.
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Most people instinctively know their health is not about one thing. We use a seven-part framework to help people see the big picture, and with that in mind we guide them through setting realistic goals, understanding the emotional part of the change process, and breaking the cycle of falling back into bad habits so they can move forward confidently with their health. 

People usually have one of three scenarios why they are stuck. They either 1) don’t have the knowledge of what steps they need to take, 2) they have a realistic sense of what they should be doing (but can’t seem to apply that knowledge consistently over time) or 3) they think they know what to do but suffer from bad information that leaves them stuck in a loop of feeling bad, waiting until the discontentment is too strong to ignore, seeking out a plan, implementing the plan for a short-time, getting derailed, and falling off the wagon.

Taking care of your health is what empowers you to live a good life, to attract the mate you’ve been looking for, to be present and active in the relationships you have, to seek out and enjoy adventure, and life a life of significance.  Through our coaching (and from living this out ourselves) we’ve helped thousands of people understand their definition of whole-life success, and what it means to create ongoing health strategies to make that life possible. 

How can we help you?  Schedule a consultation to find out?

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Our Clients say it better

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TRUE is more of a holistic approach. They're not just about lifting the heaviest weight possible and building lots of muscle. It's more of a "how can you be the best you" approach. So, it's not just about working out; it's about diet, it's about what's going on and how to deal with the rest of your life. I always leave here feeling less stressed just because of the positive attitude here.
I think what's also different is just the organization. This gym is just very well-run, very well-organized. When you come in, your trainer knows you, and they have a plan for you. It’s nice to know that your workouts are well thought out and well-balanced. It's not just "we're going to go do this, then we are going to go to do that." It's "I've thought about this; we’re going to pull and then we’re going to push; we’re going to work this muscle, then that muscle because those muscles work well together." That’s really unique.
PTFoodMassage, MAT 

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I've been lifting for 8 or 10 years on my own, and I reached a plateau where I just wouldn't get any stronger. So, they gave me new tips to understand, new exercises to try so I could work things a little bit differently. Since then, my bench press has gone up 40-50 pounds over the last couple of years. They really try to focus on each individual and not take a one-size-fits-all approach. As for GRIT, there were just certain parts of my body where I didn't know what to do to help them change. I could never see results, but I found GRIT helps you tighten and strengthen those parts of your physique. 


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1058 S. Walter Reed Drive, Arlington, VA 22204

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